Graduate School of Agriculture, Lab of Soil Science


Professor Shinya FUNAKAWA
Assistant professor Tetsuhiro WATANABE
Secretary Reiko OKUDA


Postdoctoral fellow Makoto SHIBATA アフリカ熱帯林の窒素循環は土壌型によって異なるのか?
Researcher   Shigeru ARAKI  


D2 Setiari Marwanto Ground water chemistry in young and mature oil palm plantation in tropical peatland
D3 Yuko KOUMOTO ラオス北部ルアンパバン県における傾斜地の農地の水食評価
D3 Zheng Jinsen Nutrient Leaching from Tanzanian Agricultual Highlands as Influenced
by Soil Properties and Fertilizer Application
D2 Athman Mahinda  
D1 Shinichi WATANABE カメルーン・インドネシアの熱帯林土壌における硝化菌について
D1 Kengo NAKASHIMA Effects of chemical fertilizer on crop yield and soil organic matter in sandy soil of North Central Namibia
M2 Lyu Han Distribution of secondary minerals and climatic effects on its forming in the sub-humid tropic area of volcanic regions Tanzania
M2 Wahyu Iskander

Spatial mineral nutrient distribution in tropical peatlands under oil palm estate in Indonesia

M2 Takumi SUSUTA


M2 Hitomi NONAKA Influence of year after cultivation on nutrient dynamics in cacao field in Northeast Cameroon  
M2 Li Xi The research on the process of soil Salinization in crop field and its prevention in southeastern Kazakhstan
M2 Kenta ASHIDA The factors controlling organic carbon levels in surface soils of tropical regions
M2 Ko MIZUSHIMA Evaluation of no-input cultivation from the standpoint of soil and fertilizers sciences
M1 Shinnosuke SUGIMOTO  
M1 Yoshiyuki OKUMURA 黒ボク土と褐色低地土を用いたトウモロコシ栽培において、溶出タイプの異なる被覆肥料の有効性を窒素溶脱と吸収効率に着目して検証する
M1 Arata MIYACHI  
M1 Akihiro AIBA  
Research student Takeyoshi HONDA  

Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Lab of Terrestrial Ecosystems Management


Professor Shinya FUNAKAWA
Associate professor Hitoshi SHINJO
Assistant professor Tetsuhiro WATANABE
Program-Specific Assistant Professor Yuki OKAMOTO
Secretary Reiko OKUDA


Researcher Kayo MATSUI Afforestation of saxaul and wooden resource management in Aral region, Kazakhstan



A study on traditional agriculture of Mt. Kilimanjaro: Sustainability evaluation by nutrient cycling and its management strategy in homegarden

D2 Christopher MacCarthy Adoption of mobile phone technology and its impact on mobility, ecology and institutional connectivity amongst nomadic pastoral households in Mnogolia
D2 Ajay Kumar Mishra Farmers perspective on conservation agriculture and initial soil properties in trans eastern Indo-Gangetic of India
D1 KC Sharda Conservation Agriculture in Terai Region of Nepal: Current Situation and Issues
M2 Wataru ONISHI ナミビア共和国北部、オカシャナ地域における樹木利用の実態調査
M2 Yoshiko TAKAGI ベトナム中部アカシア二次林における非木材産物として蜂蜜生産の実践可能性評価
M2 Satoko NAKAZIMA リモートセンシングデータ・地理情報による土地利用解析
M1 Cornelius Mgobola Chisambi  
M1 Kanou TAKEDA Field survey on the relationship between land use and nutrient salt flow in Hue, Vietnam 
M1 Taisuke TSUKAMOTO  マラウイにおける土壌保全技術の実証 
Research student Maria SAUNIVALU