Graduate School of Agriculture, Lab of Soil Science


Professor Shinya FUNAKAWA (in detail)
Associate Professor Tetsuhiro WATANABE
Assistant Professor Makoto SHIBATA
Secretary Reiko OKUDA


Researcher   Shigeru ARAKI  
Researcher  Kozue SAWADA Microbial regulation of soil organic matter decomposition and nutrient cycles


D3 Shinichi WATANABE Investigation of NO3-N leaching mechanism of tropical forest ecosystems under acidic condition by incbation and field experiment
D3 Khin Nilar Swe Agrarian transitions and finding possible strategies for sustainable land use in three mountainous areas in Myanmar
D2 Iskander WAHYU 

Effect of landform on the distribution of mineral nutrients in tropical peats of Indonesia

D1 Rohan CHUNG Effects of soil characteristics on organic carbon dynamics in soils of Indo-Gangetic Plain
M2 Kanami OTA The effect of ammonium fixation on soil nitrogen dynamics in Indonesia
M2 Arisa NISHIKI The mechanism of soil organic matter accumulation by biochar and amorphous Al amendments
M1 Jiajie DU Dissimilatory nitrate reduction processes along the hillslopes of two forests with different nitrogen saturation statuses
M1 Zixiao WANG Spatial and temporal variations determine soil N dynamics through In-situ 15N isotope labeling
M1 Adani MARINI Comparison of the soil water and nutrient condition at post-restoration agricultural land between Kyotango (Japan) and Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
M1 Natsuko KITAGAWA  
M1 Sohtaro OKUOKA  
M1 Sopheak NOUN  
RS Saori JOHNO  
B4 Itsuki SEGAWA OxisolsやUltisolsの森林生態系における窒素動態に対して植生と土壌の相互作用の中で土壌特性はどのように影響を及ぼしているか

Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Lab of Terrestrial Ecosystems Management


Professor Shinya FUNAKAWA
Associate Professor Hitoshi SHINJO
Assistant Professor Makoto SHIBATA
Secretary Reiko OKUDA


D3 Satwika Lestari ANNISA Influence of adaptive grazing on soil organic carbon in traditional silvopasture practice under rubber plantation
D3 Qian MA Effects of residue quality and nitrogen fertilization on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in agricultural soils
D3 Han LYU Controlling factors for soil organic carbon stability in tropical volcanic regions
M2 Kenta TSUCHIYA Social and ecological survey on terraced paddy-based agriculture in a local village of west Java
M2 Hyangseong KIM Primary production and feeding habits of cultured oyster in An Cu bay, Central Vietnam
M1 Thi Thu Ha LE Analyzing the benefits of forest management and protection activities through the policy of Payment for forest environmental services to the livelihoods of ethnic minorities in mountainous areas of central Vietnam
M1 Yao YAO Nitrogen budget and characteristics of nitrogen loss in paddy and paddy-vegetable rotation fields
M1 Masahiro FURUTANI